Cabin Fever

I'll admit it...I have cabin fever. Having grown up in the north & living most of my adult life in ND, MN, & IA (although we are in MO now), many people assume that winter & snow don't bother me. Actually, I think I am less patient with it because I've experienced so much of it. By the time February rolls around, I am definitely ready for Spring, & not always happy when Mother Nature doesn't see things my way!!

Yesterday I was itching to take some photos, but it was cold & windy outside (due to almost a foot of snow we got the day before). When I mentioned that to my girl, she said she was willing to go down to the (not always ideal) space I have been using for indoor shoots & let me try some new things. So we brainstormed a little, dug through my old dresses & grabbed a few of her fun hats (along with her red cowboy boots!) & gave it a try. Once again, we had a great time....she is so patient about sitting this way & that, being silly or serious, etc. When I thanked her for always being willing to be my model (since she is the closest & most convenient for me to use), she said, "that's are always supportive of what we want to do, & I want to help you, too". Oh, my gosh...I love this girl! She is beautiful, inside & out, & I am so proud of the young woman she has become.


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