Finding Inspiration



I have a love/hate relationship with the month of March. I love that Spring is right around the corner (hopefully), but don't love that the landscape is devoid of color (unless you count the gray/brown that seems to be all around us). Weather extremes - 75 degrees with brilliant sunshine one day, & then 45 with a rain/snow mix the next - add to my frustration with March.  I almost always carry my camera with me, but lately am finding myself lacking inspiration. In order to try to see the world from a different perspective, I have given myself a "color challenge": shooting photos with a particular color for the week.

I am definitely a "color girl"...I really do love to be surrounded by color, & have noticed how certain colors can have an effect on my mood. Since I tend to think chronologically, this week's color is Red (my clothes are arranged by color in the closet, if that gives you any idea). I can't imagine having trouble with that color, being that I am a "red girl", & tend to gravitate toward it anyway, but we shall see. Which makes me think about things that are trucks, fire hydrants...emergency colors. I prefer organization to chaos, so why am I attracted to the color red? Is it a little bit of excitement in my otherwise semi-organized life? But then again, red is often the color used to represent love & passion. I am a romantic (truth-be-told), & can be very passionate about what is close to my heart. Hmmm....I might learn some interesting things about myself & color during this challenge! What colors do you find yourself drawn to, & do you ever wonder why?

Stay tuned....I am excited to "see" what this challenge brings!


My daughter's cactus, soaking up the sun in the kitchen window, gives me hope that Mother Nature will supply a little color outdoors soon. :)




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