Seizing The Moment

I am a planner. My friends & family know this is definitely true. I love to-do lists, because by making a list I am able to quiet (at least temporarily) the "need-to-do-this" voice that always seems to be in my head. Those of you who are also list-makers understand the sense of accomplishment we feel when a task can be crossed off the list...finally, done!

On today's list of things to do was taking my daughter to the orthodontist. As we were sitting in the waiting room, she was talking with the mom next to her, lamenting the fact that it is spring break & 27 degrees outside. Not exactly the "spring break" weather my teenage daughter was hoping for! As I listened to the two of them bemoaning our current cold snap, I remembered a photo I took of her when she was about 5 years old...dressed in a spring outfit & Little Mermaid sunglasses, stretched out in her Little Mermaid lawn chair. It is a really cute picture, but what you can't tell right away from looking at it is that it was March, and cold outside, but my little girl was not going to let that stop her. She wanted to wear her new clothes & sunglasses, & sit in her "Ariel" chair (as she used to call it) she did it! Inside the house. Too cold to go outside? No problem...I'll do it right here! She had decided to "seize the moment".  

That made me think about children, & how they are so good at doing just that (sometimes to the chagrin of their parents!). What is is about getting older that makes us wait until just the "right" moment, one that may never come? Often it feels like there is more needing our attention than there are hours in the day! Like my to-do lists, it is often about getting things done, but sometimes I think we miss little opportunities along the way...chances to "seize the moment". 

I am still keeping my to-do lists, since they help me organize the chaos, but going forward in 2013 I am going to try to take advantage of more of those moments. I encourage you to try it too...grab it, hold it, enjoy it, even in the midst of all the "to-do's".


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