Park Hill SADD Arrive Alive 2014

On Tuesday, Park Hill High School's SADD group (which stands for "Students Against Destructive Decisions") held their "Arrive Alive" event. The parking lot was full of students, teachers, administrators, emergency personnel, & community volunteers, all united by one purpose: to drive home the importance of "arriving alive". There were tables with wristbands, pens, cups, etc, all with similar messages: don't text & drive, stay safe & sober, buckle up.


Interactive exhibits were quite popular, like the tricycle course, where the high-schoolers (and their brave principal, Dr. Brad Kincheloe) attempted to ride through a course while looking at their phones, & driving & walking while wearing beer goggles. 

There was the "Seat Belt Convincer", where a strapped-in occupant, moving downhill at 5mph, received quite a jolt as the "ride" came to an abrupt stop.

Perhaps the most "sobering" of the displays was the crash scene, complete with fire trucks, an ambulance, "victims", & emergency personnel. The firefighters used a variety of tools to remove car parts in an effort to get to the victims trapped inside the smashed vehicles. Some were strapped to backboards & stretchers & loaded into the ambulance. Others required a sheet & body bag, communicating further the tragic consequences of drinking & driving, or texting & driving.

I can only imagine the countless hours put in to planning & organizing this event by SADD leader Ellen Reys and her students, but after being there, I can definitely say it was worth it -- a HUGE "thank you" to all who were involved. None of this is new to the majority of teens, who have probably grown up hearing it over & over. However, with Prom season upon us, & graduation parties right around the corner, it is a message worth repeating: Arrive Alive!

To view more photos from this event, please head over to the "PHHS SADD Arrive Alive 2014" gallery under "Photos", or click this link:


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