New Year, New Goals

I'll let you all in on a little secret - I'm a bit of a nerd. Yep, I said it. I LOVE the start of a new year (other than the fact that it's really cold right now in Kansas City), the feeling of a brand new calendar, a new journal or notebook, full of completely blank pages. It's like having a new chance, to try again in the coming year. When I was younger I used to make a list of resolutions every New Year's fact, I remember many years spending the night with my bff, each of us making a list and talking about our hopes and dreams for the coming year. Now, instead of resolutions, I make a list of my goals for the coming year.

So here we are at the beginning of 2017, and I sat down recently to make my goals for the coming year. It gives me a chance to really reflect on what I'd like to accomplish, areas I'd like to improve, and maybe do a little dreaming as well.

>> On the top of my list for this year was to make my health a priority. This has got to be, in one form or another, the most-listed goal or resolution that people make each year. I have allowed some bad habits to creep in (beer & wings anyone?), and have slacked on some that are good for me (hello salads, Jillian Michaels DVDs, and the treadmill!). I really need to turn this around in the coming year, and hope that by sharing this here, it'll help me stay on track.

>> Another item on my list is this, right here, my blog. It has been woefully ignored over the last year or so, and I am hoping to be more intentional and consistent with it going forward. I hope to share information that is interesting and useful, and hopefully will save you a little time (since I have probably made all the possible mistakes already, at least where the DIY projects are concerned!).

>> Travel. Now that all of the younglings have flown the nest, so to speak, my hubby and I would definitely like to travel to more places and do a little exploring (and there's a pretty good chance that I'll talk about our destinations here, so you all can see too).

>> Revamp and organize my office/workspace. I really do love organizing (and lists, to help me stay focused). See, I told you I was a nerd! Honestly, for whatever reason, it just makes me happy....and clutter? Drives me nuts. So why I let it build up, I'll never know. :/ Anyway, if you follow me over on Instagram ( you know that I have been working on this very project over the past week. (if you don't, I'd love to see you over there.) I'm so excited about my new space, and can't wait to share it with you (along with a few things I learned along the way) in it's own blog post coming soon!

If you have made it all the way through the post, kudos to you, and thank you! I appreciate you sticking around, and hope you'll come back each week to see what's new.

Happy New Year to you all, and good luck on your goals for the coming year! I'd love for you to share your goals too, so feel free to comment or drop me a note. :)



Anna Osgoodby(non-registered)
Yayyy, I absolutely love a fresh new planner or notebook too! Cheers to a New Year and accomplishing all of your great goals this year :) :)
Thank you for sharing your goals for 2017! Among mine are decluttering my life, and like you, organizing my workspace to make it inspiring. Off to check out your Instagram!
Molly Beale(non-registered)
As you know, goals completely overwhelm me and make me anxious. However, I have set some for this year, and hope to accomplish them! Love your planners and calendars too! Good post!
Nancy Garcia(non-registered)
I know you'll accomplish (& likely exceed) every goal you've set for yourself in 2017. I look forward to reading your posts & following your adventures... especially the travel adventures & those involving photography. Abstaining from hot wings & doing hard time on the treadmill... um, not so much. :)
Tracy Meisch Photography
Thanks Annie! I'm excited's always an adventure. :)
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