Can we talk a little about January?

Let’s be honest…short days, cold, windy weather...not really my jam. Now, longer, sunny days, and warmer temps? Yeah...we are definitely BFFs. Here’s another truth…Fall is CRAZYTOWN for photographers…I’m absolutely not complaining, because I absolutely LOVE what I do, but just explaining a little for those who don't live in the bubble…after that rush (plus throw in the holidays, too)….nearly every single photographer you know is ready for little breather. There’s a Valentine’s Day rush for us #boudiephotographers, but other than that, this is referred to as the “slow season” (for a bit anyway).

January/early February weather and lack of sunlight can really affect me…I either want to hibernate inside until it warms up, or be shooting and creating. But here’s the thing…even though I don't THINK I like January all that much, it forces me to slow down, to reflect. On last year’s goals vs. accomplishments…what I am grateful for (ummm…all of you, my family, and SO many other things), what was awesome - that I loved, and then which things got off track or didn’t go as planned (yeah - blogging). This time of year reminds me that we all need to reflect, breathe, renew…and then regroup and get re-energized for the coming year.

I have a conference coming up that I think will be fantastic for learning some new things, connecting with friends (both new and old), and feed and inspire my creative soul. I have been working on my Vision Board for 2018, and I have some big goals and dreams…I hope you’ll continue to follow along!

Hang in there, friends. It’s February now, and warmer weather + longer days are coming.

Now go grab another cup of coffee, and have a fabulous day!




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