Why Boudoir Photography Isn't About the Lingerie

Most people think that Boudoir photography is about lingerie. I get it – I used to think that, too, before I had my own session. It was then that I realized that it's about so much more than that, and I hear the same thing from my clients, time and time again. Booking your own Boudoir (or Glam/Beauty) session is about putting yourself first. Setting aside a day for yourself, making yourself a priority, instead of everything else on your to-do list coming first.

It’s about treating yourself like you would treat your family (& friends)….SPECIAL. IMPORTANT. Because you are. It’s also about allowing yourself to feel like you deserve it – because you do. It’s about being brave, pushing past your fears…doing something outside most people’s comfort zone….and then in the end, seeing yourself as the beautiful badass that you already are.

This is why a Boudoir session isn’t just about the lingerie, and why it doesn’t matter to me if you book a Glam/Beauty session or a Boudoir session. My goal is the same, no matter what you wear…to find the beautiful YOU inside, and let her out.

Love yourself. Exist in photos, my friends. You won’t regret it.



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