Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: How do I book a session with Tracy Meisch Photography?

A: Send me a message (click here), or email me at [email protected]. I want to learn a little about you and what you’re looking for in a session…some clients prefer a phone chat, which I’m happy to do as well. Once your questions are answered, we’ll find a date and time to get you on the schedule, and you’ll receive a link to pay your booking/session fee and complete any necessary documents…it’s easy, fast, and can be done all from your computer or phone.


Q:  I don’t know what to wear for my session, or how to choose what to bring!

A: Don’t worry – I am here to help you, from start to finish! Once your session is scheduled and paid, you’ll receive a customized guide and session tips that will give you all kinds of helpful information. If you still have questions, I’m just an email or phone call away!

One more bonus for you is access to the Studio Closet, which is full of a variety of options in many different sizes and styles for your session.


Q:  What does my booking fee include?

A: Your booking fee reserves your chosen date and time, and ensures you’ll have undivided attention for your session. Some studios/photographers schedule multiple sessions in one day, but I do not. Your special day is all about you, and helping you feel like a supermodel for the day.

Access to the Studio Closet and all the goodies inside (should you choose, but most people can’t help themselves) is also included, as well as Hair and Makeup (approximately 1 hour).

2 hours of shooting time   

3 wardrobe looks + white sheet

Your own personal viewing appointment (scheduled for approximately 3 weeks after your session, before you leave for the day) where you view your photos and choose your favorites. A remote viewing appointment can be arranged for clients out of the area. Products or digital images are not included unless specifically stated, but are available for purchase at your viewing appointment.


Q: I don’t know how to pose or what to do with my expression…can you help me?

A: Nearly every woman feels the same way, and you have nothing to worry about! I do not expect you to have any idea how to pose – this is where I come in! I have extensive training in posing and lighting, and will guide you every step of the way, using poses that flatter you and showcase your favorite features. I have heard all the things we all tell ourselves…”I don’t look like that” (no, because each person is unique, but you are beautiful and I would love to show that to you), “I need to drop 5, 10, 20 pounds” (tomorrow is promised to no one, and you deserve to be celebrated as you are, right now), “I don’t have anyone to give my photos to” (isn’t it time you did something for yourself? Often these sessions start out being for someone else, but in the end, turn out to be much more than that…a gift for you, to be able to see yourself and your beauty through someone else’s eyes. How do you put a price on the gift of confidence?)


Q:  Do you sell printed products?

A: Absolutely!! All of our printed products are created using high quality professional labs, and have the added advantage of the utmost discretion (I mean, do you really want your photos printed at the pharmacy or grocery store?). This ensures your gorgeous photos will stay gorgeous for years to come.

Wall art pieces (Canvas or Metal) are perfect for master bedrooms, bathrooms, and closets, and albums are very popular as a gift for someone special (or just to have tucked in the nightstand). Folio boxes with mounted prints are another favorite, as well as the Retro Viewfinder with a custom reel. Remember the old-school “viewmasters”?  Kind of like those, but WAAY more fun…you chose seven of your favorites, and they are made into a little secret peek into your session.




Q: Do you sell digital images?

A: Yes, I do sell fully edited, full-resolution digital images. They include a personal print release so you may print at any consumer-friendly lab of your choosing. Please understand that we cannot guarantee the quality of any products printed outside of our professional labs.


Q: Do you recommend prints or digital files?

A: I always recommend that you print your photos. Prints will outlast digital files – technology is always changing! In this industry, I hear every day about a hard drive crashing or failing, and images being lost forever. I absolutely understand wanting a digital file for backup, but even if you choose this option, please print your photos. Someday, you’ll want to be able to look back at your gorgeous badass self, and think about how fun your supermodel experience was!


Q: Do you offer payment plans, or can I break up my order into several installments? 

A: Yes! The majority of clients spend between $900-$3000 (including the session/booking fee and products/images), and it is possible to break up your total into several installments. Please note that orders are not placed with the labs or delivered until the balance is paid in full. This is another reason to book your session with plenty of time before your desired delivery date. Please email me with more specific questions about your options.


Q: Do you offer couples boudoir?

A: At this time I do not shoot couples or male boudoir. I appreciate your understanding!


Q: Do you offer weekend sessions?

A: Sessions are held Mondays-Fridays, from 10 am-2 pm. If you would like to schedule a session on a weekend (limited availability), there is an additional $150 fee.


Q: How long does it take to get my order?

A: From your session date to finished product delivery, please allow 5-7 weeks, due to the variability in lab and carrier shipping times.


Q. What if I don’t want my images displayed anywhere publicly?

A: I take client privacy very seriously, and your images and wishes are handled with the utmost discretion and respect. During your private viewing appointment, you have the opportunity to decide if there are any you feel comfortable allowing me to share (often the anonymous ones fall into this category), but that is never required.

The images you see on my website and social media pages are there because those clients were so proud of their photos that they have given me permission to share them. I never tag clients or mention their identity in any way, unless specifically asked to do so (I once had a client ask that I post one of her more anonymous photos on Instagram, and mention her age (she was turning 50) so she could show her husband as a way of revealing the surprise she had in store for him).