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"Tracy did such an amazing job with all of my photos, she is very skilled at what she does and was able to get all the right angles and poses for me to have the perfect pictures I wanted. From the moment I met Tracy, I felt like I was talking with a long-time friend. She made me feel so comfortable through the whole process and made any nervousness I had simply disappear. She took her time and never made me feel rushed, she also attended to all my requests. The photos look fabulous and so professional, I felt like a rockstar! 10/10 would recommend!"

EZ - April 2023

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"My 40 over 40 photo shoot was the best gift I have ever given myself! This was so far out of my comfort zone, I was very nervous. Within minutes Tracy had me at ease, and feeling like I was not only beautiful, but also important! She is beyond talented at creating the most amazing shots. Her kind, sweet spirit helps you feel confident and at ease with her. I highly recommend doing a photo shoot with Tracy. She reminds you that you are beautiful, capable, and helps you remember you are important too!"


JL - June 2022

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"Just wanted to say thank you so much to Tracy.
I had never done any photos before with a professional photographer let alone a Boudoir photo of me. I was very nervous going in. Wasn't sure what type of lingerie I should pick. What type of shoes I should be wearing.
Tracy was very welcoming, walking me through every step of the way. Started the morning with my hair and makeup which I've never had done either.
She showed me how she would signal (direct my movements/posing) and by the end I was completely comfortable on what she was telling me to do.
I highly recommend for any woman to do this - it's very empowering.
I was very nervous going in. I have always been a chunky girl and recently just lost 80 lb and didn't have very much self-confidence going in - coming out let me tell you I wish I could do this every week!
I did this for a 10-year anniversary gift to my husband and the look on his face when he opened that book was completely priceless.
Thank you again Tracy, looking forward to working with you again very soon."


DK - April 2022

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"Tracy is amazing! I've always been drawn to her clean and elegant style. When I finally decided I was ready to do my own session with her, I was understandably a little anxious about it. Tracy put all my worries at ease every step of the way. She offered encouraging words and helpful tips to make any worry I had disappear. Every portrait came out absolutely stunning and gave me confidence I haven't had in years! She has a wonderful vision, a great eye for detail, and is honestly the most kind and beautiful person inside and out that I have ever known. Highly recommend her <3"

VA - March 2022

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"Tracy is the sweetest and very professional. She made me feel completely comfortable and my husband and I were blown away with the pictures she captured! I highly recommend her!"

LK - June 2021

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"I had a great experience with Tracy! She was responsive from the beginning, corresponding over email, and meeting her in person was great. She was friendly and easy to work with. Our album was also ready ahead of schedule which was a bonus! Would definitely work with Tracy again and highly recommend her."

EB - June 2021

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"Getting a shoot done can be unnerving at times. You are exposing your insecurities to the Photographer. Tracy takes her time and makes you feel completely comfortable. She gets to know you, and truly makes amazing photos."

IS - Sept 2020

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"I was so excited for my shoot but extremely nervous wondering what it would be like to be in a bra and panties in front of a camera.  From the second I got there, Tracy made me feel comfortable, answered all my questions, and made sure that we had fun with plenty of laughs, from the hair and make-up, to the final shot!  Her closest is full of fun outfits from glamorous to crazy sexy so I had a blast and felt like a little girl again just being free to be me!  Thank you Tracy for EVERYTHING! I was shocked when I saw my photos!  I had to keep looking at them to really make sure it was me!  Tracy did such an amazing job bringing out the best parts of me and who I am... that I didn't see any of the flaws that I tend to see when looking in the mirror. Tracy’s attention to detail was spot on and she made sure to capture many positions and poses." (Would you choose Tracy Meisch Photography/ Tracy Meisch to do your session again, and would you recommend it to others?) "YES YES AND YES!!!"

AB - July 2020

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"I went into the shoot with the only expectation of getting *maybe* a couple of shots I was comfortable enough to give to my fiance for Christmas. I'm 38, I've had a baby and weight loss surgery, so I have stretch marks and loose skin. Tracy did the most amazing job of making me comfortable, making me laugh to loosen up, showing me how to pose, and most of all making me feel like an ABSOLUTE GODDESS! I cried when I saw my photos for the first time. I haven't felt beautiful in a long time, and the photos showed me that every woman deserves to feel beautiful and comfortable in her own skin. Tracy did an amazing job of hiding the parts I wanted hidden, and highlighting my ass-ets (pun intended). (Would you choose Tracy Meisch Photography/ Tracy Meisch to do your session again, and would you recommend it to others?) Yes! I think I've already asked her to do my wedding photos, a couples boudoir, and family photos - none of which she currently does! I love Tracy and will stick with her for any photos she will take of myself and my family. She is amazing at what she does - not just her skill as a photographer, but at making her clients feel at ease, comfortable, and beautiful!"

HA - Oct 2019

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"My experience with Tracy Meisch Photography was 5 star! I felt comfortable the moment I walked in and Tracy went over and beyond with her attention to detail and professionalism. I usually do have an idea or theme to the pictures I take but I came in as open canvas without limitations for this boudoir photo session. I really wanted Tracy's perspective and creativity to shine! The whole day was amazing! I felt beautiful, sexy, and confident. I thought that feeling would fade away after I left her studio but it didn’t. I still feel beautiful and confident today---weeks later. Honestly, I think every woman no matter her size or shape should experience a boudoir photo shoot. All women are beautiful works of art. Tracy has a gift and talent of capturing that beauty on film. Her perspective makes our “best” parts the focal point. From start to finish, poses to pictures my experience was a success! I would come back anytime to do a photo session with Tracy Meisch Photography, I had so much fun and I loved playing dress up and being a princess for a day! We have a gem of a photographer right here in our city!"

SL - Sept 2019

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"Tracy is an amazing photographer and wonderful with her clients! We did a “glam” session together, and she was so encouraging- it can be an awkward experience when you feel like you’re “posing” in front of a camera, but it didn’t feel that way at all with her!

(Did you have any expectations going into the session?) No expectations, really, but your wardrobe blew me away! So amazed at the effort in resources you put in for clients to have more options for their shoots- definitely appreciated that!

Would definitely recommend her to those looking for a confidence boost and want some photos done!


J - Jan 2019

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"Tracy is a very talented and professional, photographer. She knows how to make you feel comfortable with anything and always has a great attitude when you’re with her. Her personality alone makes you feel welcome, and very relaxed when working with her. Not only are her photography skills amazing, but the way she packages your photos in the album is like nothing I’ve seen before! Very pretty. It’s like opening a little gift. I would highly recommend Tracy to anyone!"

H - Oct 2018

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"Tracy opened her studio space and I felt so welcome! She was prepared, sweet, kind, and easy to talk to. I was nervous and unprepared - this was a first for me - but left feeling beautiful, empowered, and proud. I'd highly recommend Tracy for this incredible experience!"

C - Oct 2018

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"Tracy’s natural talent behind the lens is truly remarkable! I have been wanting to do a boudoir shoot for years but never was at the ideal body composition I wanted. Then I discovered self acceptance & this shoot was a SIGNIFICANT step in accepting my beautiful self! Prior to the shoot even happening, Tracy was encouraging me so when it came time to “show my skin” I was already feeling more confident & comfortable in front of her & the camera. There’s a beauty in us all & Tracy has the gift of capturing that beauty & bringing her to the forefront where she deserves to shine!"

D - Sept 2018

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 (Regarding expectations headed into the shoot) "I knew the session would be a bit uncomfortable but from seeing Tracy’s portfolio it was obvious that she knows what she is doing so that put me at ease.  She made me feel comfortable in a not-so-comfortable situation. The final product was beautiful and my fiancé is going to be thrilled! Tracy is a rock star! I was extremely surprised by how good I looked! Tracy did a fabulous job with the shot setup, posing, lighting, etc. that really flattered me. I would absolutely recommend Tracy to anyone interested in a boudoir shoot. She was excellent!"

L - March 2018

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"I expected to be nervous and uncomfortable.  I was not! From the minute I walked thru the door, Tracy made me feel at home.  We went thru the clothes I had brought, and thru the wardrobe closet making plans for outfits. Tracy wanted to make sure I got exactly the look I wanted in my pictures.  I am a tom boy at heart and was afraid of doing my own hair & makeup! Tracy did an amazing job on both, setting me up with a natural look just a little jazzed up.  And I LOVED wearing the lashes and hair extensions, such a fun addition to the day!   We chatted and laughed the whole time getting ready, and I was surprised how much I relaxed around her.  I got nervous again when it was photo time, but being the professional that she is, Tracy made it easy to relax and have fun with the poses.  I gave her free reign for posing, knowing she would make me look my best possible. I wanted stunning pictures, so I trusted her fully.  And stunning photos is exactly what I got! I could not have asked for better results, and it’s ALL from her expertise. (When I first saw my photos) I was shocked, amazed, and excited!!  I expected to like 20-30 of the images and would have to narrow down from there for my album.  I loved 99% of the (60+) pictures she had edited for my viewing!!  I kept thinking “that’s me!? I look good!”.  Tracy did an amazing job at making me feel relaxed and I truly had fun, the genuine smile is proof.  It was hard not to order a print of EVERY SINGLE image!  I am over the moon excited to show my husband, and anyone else that wants to see!  I am so proud of every single shot. 

We are so hard on ourselves! Looking in the mirror everyday pointing out my flaws takes a toll mentally. To see myself from a different angle, with Tracy’s professional posing and lighting… I cannot even describe how much of a confidence booster it was!  I wouldn’t even consider any other photographer.  I’ve already recommended her to several of my friends, and enthusiastically suggested they call her SOON!"

J - January 2018

* * * * *

"Tracy was fantastic, start to finish! When I first emailed her with questions, she happily answered ALL of them - by the dozen - without me having committed to working with her! I had looked into several other photographers that offered the same price, but with restrictions. They either limited shooting time, or number of outfits, etc. Tracy's price was right, I loved the fact that she included an album as well so you don't have to budget for that in addition to the sitting fee, and I wore 7-8 outfits! I scheduled my session about 8 weeks out. During that time she kept in touch via email making sure I had all my questions answered and nerves tamped down. She also provided several planning guides to make sure I got exactly what I wanted. They helped me narrow down ideas but also gave me new ideas that I would have passed on without the guide. The day of the shoot was so relaxed, there was no rush - the whole day was mine! I had a fantastic time, and felt like we had been friends for years. The pictures are unbelievable and I will treasure them always!"

JM - January 2018

* * * * *

"I spent a lot of time determining who I wanted to take my boudoir photos. I researched quite a few different options- weighing style and price. When I stumbled across Tracy's site, wow- I was impressed. My first thought was how the pictures were naturally beautiful and balanced with sexy! Once I looked at her pricing options, I was sold. I immediately contacted Tracy and she was extremely responsive and got me very excited to move forward. I did quite a bit of research coming into the shoot- mainly of outfit choices as well as different poses I wanted. Little did I know, but I did not need to do any of those things! Tracy was extremely helpful with the outfits- she has a ton of options that she will offer up to her clients! She also offered for me to text her photos of what I was thinking if I had any questions. (She) truly made me feel like a model prepping for a photo shoot! Once we got started with the shoot, I realized that all the research I did on poses was completely unnecessary- Tracy is a pro! She knows exactly what looks good and has extreme attention to detail. She will pose you, move your arm, leg, etc- and the results are incredible. She made me feel very comfortable and I immediately established a level of trust with her. Throughout the shoot, she makes you feel beautiful and sexy- she gives validation and will even show you a few photos of yourself as you are going through- this made me feel very confident and relaxed throughout the shoot. The photos started as a gift for my husband, but I didn't realize the joy the experience would give me- I loved every second of it! 

I LOVE my photos! My initial reaction was how classy, yet sexy the photos were. I wanted photos that captured who I am and the relationship have with my husband- and that is exactly what I got! The photos truly are timeless and extremely tasteful- and my husband loves them! One of his first comments about the photos was how much he loved that they 100% represented who I was. I know I will love the photos forever and I am extremely thankful that I had Tracy take my photos!"

CB - January 2018

* * * * *

"This was the most pleasant photo experience I’ve ever had. Usually I feel a bit awkward in front of a camera, but Tracy made me feel so comfortable! I typically hate photos of me, but she did well in capturing my personality and my REAL smile! The photos make me feel so beautiful!"

KM - Jan 2018

* * * * *

"I went into the session with hopes of getting a handful of nice shots to gift my husband.  At 50 years old I was anxious about the session and self-conscious about my appearance so I didn’t anticipate many pictures.  I’m not often comfortable looking at pictures of myself, which I think many women can relate to.  When I arrived for my session, Tracy and I had a nice chat and it wasn’t hard to become more and more at ease with her and the process.  I started the session tense and nervous which eased moment after moment.  Tracy is kind and so pleasant to work with, she worked wonders on my confidence level. On the way home I felt like I’d had a fun day and made a new friend in the process!  When I arrived for my viewing appt. I was almost as nervous/anxious as I was when I had my session!  As soon as I saw the images I felt relief because there were more than a handful of images that I loved.  As a woman we are so critical of ourselves, some more and some less.  While looking at the images, my flaws were not what I focused on.  Tracy is very creative while also knowing just how to guide us to pose in the most flattering way.  I’m proud that I decided to do this after several months of overthinking it.  My husband was ecstatic with the album and wants to order a couple prints but is having a terrible time choosing favorites!! I have already recommended Tracy to a couple friends and will continue to do so.  Like most other boudoir clients I did this as a gift for my husband but it turned out to be a wonderful gift to myself as well.  Honestly, I’m thinking I may do it again at 55!"

CU - October 2017

* * * * *

"My only expectation I had before my shoot with Tracy was to feel comfortable enough for her to capture some amazing photos.  I had never done a boudoir shoot before, so I was extremely nervous to be that vulnerable in front of a stranger and a camera! However, Tracy made me feel so comfortable and beautiful throughout my shoot. I am so thankful to have had such a wonderful experience and so much fun doing my shoot!  When I saw my boudoir photos for the first time, my reaction what "Holy cow! How awesome are those!"  Tracy helped me feel comfortable during the shoot which allowed me to open up and feel more relaxed.  Therefore, my pictures look more natural and show how much fun I was truly having.  I would definitely choose Tracy Meisch Photography / Tracy Meisch to do a session again.  I really appreciate how open and real (she) was and how fast her turn around time was.  Also my photos are amazing, I would be silly not to use Tracy again!"

KN - September 2017

* * * * *

"I did know I should expect wardrobe changes, possible set changes, a creative/fun environment (mostly because this is not an everyday thing to do), and possible conversations about ideas. My experience was fun and creative, and I felt comfortable being able to discuss ideas from modeling poses to wardrobe.  The first time I saw my photos was awesome!! I loved getting to see the finished product and hearing your final ideas/creativity behind each group of photos. It's not everyday you get to be photographed professionally, and it was so much fun seeing the photos in their final stage. I would love Tracy Meisch Photography to do my session again, and without a doubt recommended her to anyone needing fabulous photos!"

RE - June 2017

* * * * *

"Being a mother is my favorite gift of all time. For almost 11 years now I have been on a beautiful adventure, like no other, with my daughter. Getting the opportunity to have our relationship captured from Tracy Meisch, is something every mother and daughter should do. A pampered day filled with makeup, hair, gorgeous outfits, jewelry, snacks and stunning pictures was beyond our expectations. Being a photographer it takes a lot of courage stepping on the other side of the camera for the day. As we all know, it’s no easy task. However, from the moment my daughter and I arrived at Tracy Meisch Photography, Tracy strived to put us at ease and make us feel beautiful not only on the outside, but also on the inside. The amount of planning that went into our session definitely did not go unnoticed. We were excited and trusted her with every decision. Makeup and hair was such an amazing experience, as my daughter and I have never had it done so beautifully. Tracy took her time with every detail, down to the very last curl in our hair. Afterwards we had so much fun looking through outfits and jewelry. When it came time for pictures, Tracy helped ease our nerves and truly made the experience one we’ll never forget. After seeing all of our pictures our family is left speechless. Each frame managed to capture something a little different, something that only my daughter and I have. I was amazed at how beautiful they all were. With the thoughtfulness and care that Tracy put into our shoot, she not only gave us gorgeous photos, but made us feel special on a personal level."

LS - Feb 2017

* * * * *

"I hoped that my daughter would be made to feel at ease and that the occasion would be special for her.  Upon arriving Tracy's warmth and excitement set the stage for a wonderful experience.  (Our senior) thoroughly enjoyed herself and felt special.  We were thrilled to see that Tracy really captured the essence of our daughter in the photos.  We all loved every one - it was hard to pick because they were all so good!  We would definitely choose Tracy to be our photographer again and absolutely recommend her to everyone we know!"

KS - Nov 2016

* * * * *

"Going into the shoot I had heard of Tracy through a friend who had recently had their senior pictures taken with her and he said that Tracy was extremely nice and friendly. So I was very excited to have my senior pictures taken with her. I absolutely love my photos! Tracy has a special ability to capture moments of her clients that truly bring out their personality and create a very personal and beautiful picture. I loved working with Tracy! She's so nice and makes you feel so comfortable while she's working. We had so much fun and she has such a talent for finding everyday objects to create breathtaking photos. "

TS - Nov 2016

* * * * *

"I expected Tracy to capture a feeling and an emotion, which is not easy in photos but I had worked with her previously and had full faith in her ability to get this result. I loved them (the photos)! She got my vision and did exactly what I wanted and expected her to do. The models were tricky as they were small children and there were shots where there was a millisecond of time to capture the right image and she nailed it! I plan to use her again very soon. ;) "

HS - Dec 2016

* * * * *

"When I was searching for a photographer I was on a strict time limit for when I needed the photos completed by. I was also looking for a photographer who was reasonably priced. I found Tracy on Facebook and contacted her. We discussed what I was looking for and I was very pleased with the initial consult. She told me she would have my photos done in the time frame I requested, and she is very reasonably priced for the amazing work she does! The entire experience of my shoot to going through the proofs, and finally getting the finished product Tracy made me feel so comfortable and confident! I had an idea of what I was looking for and I shared the ideas with Tracy. Between what I had envisioned and her professional take on the shoot the photos came out exactly as I wanted! I was shocked that I was looking at myself and not a model! Tracy did amazing work! I will recommend Tracy, and any future photography I will not hesitate to call (her)! Thank you So Much again Tracy!!!

AS - Nov 2016

* * * * *

"We had a great experience!!  You had some really great ideas and really captured the essence of our son. We thought (the photos) were fantastic!!  (He) has always had issues with pictures because he would never smile or have a goofy look on his face. We were so pleased and so was he!"   Would you choose Tracy Meisch Photography/ Tracy Meisch to do your session again, and would you recommend it to others? " Definitely!   I have already given your info out for next year.   And I do believe at least one other parent used you because they thought (our son's) pics were so good!"

DW - Mar 2016

* * * * *

"I really didn't know what to expect.  I had a great time, though.  Generally my photo is snapped without much notice, so I look like whatever I look like that day. :)  It was fun getting to do my hair and makeup especially for the shoot.  Picking out Jewelry, outfits, etc. was a lot of fun too!  I felt very comfortable throughout the process. 

I was really excited to see what they looked like!  Fortunately the turnaround was so quick, I didn't have to wait long.  I thought they looked fantastic.  I have no other photos like them, so I had never seen myself look like that before.  They were elegant and beautiful but sexy too.  Everyone who has seen them has been so complementary."

SR - Jan 2016

* * * * * 

"(We had) no specific expectations, other than the hope that we would get pictures that would look natural and not too posed, pictures that captured the essence of my daughter. Tracy did take the time and had the patience to capture my daughter in a beautiful and natural way. She made the photography session fun and came up with great ideas as well as responding well to our suggestions.   

(Senior): Throughout the shoot, the pictures were never rushed and Tracy put all of her focus into the pictures. If ever there was a person to make taking pictures less painful, it would be Tracy. 


The pictures were stunning and we really felt we got our money’s worth. Every meeting from planning the photo shoot, to selecting the pictures to delivering the finished products (nicely wrapped) was a very pleasant and professional experience. Tracy Meisch is a very accomplished photographer. Her creativity and attention to detail in addition to her technical skills will get you great pictures. I would wholeheartedly recommend her."


CE/CH - Nov 2015

 * * * * * 

"This was my first experience with a photo shoot outside a studio environment.    I was a little concerned that we wouldn’t have time for a variety of shots with different moods and expressions.  There was absolutely no reason for me to worry!     We packed so much into our session and ended up with a wide variety of photos that captured my daughter in relaxed, contemporary poses as well as some that have a classic, vintage feel.   The entire experience was so much fun – from start to finish! When we first saw our photos we were thrilled and, yes, I got a little bit teary-eyed.  The photos of my daughter were so beautiful. I knew she’d taken a few good shots but I could not have imagined that there would be so many fantastic photos to choose from.   They all captured her personality and style so perfectly!  Honestly, it was REALLY tough for us to narrow down the selections. 

I would ABSOLUTELY recommend Unique Perspective! * (now Tracy Meisch Photography) * Tracy is extremely professional and amazing to work with.  She asks questions and really listens to what you envision for your photos – then she makes it happen!    These photos have captured an important milestone in our daughter’s life.  We are thrilled to have these photos to display in our homes and as lasting memories of her Senior year."

CS - Mar 2015

* * * * *  

"My expectations were to get some nice shots of the family. It was great, we got what we wanted and had a great time doing it!  I was really surprised at how nice we all looked together. The photos were really well done and captured us at our best. "

AM - Oct 2014

* * * * *